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Mobile Barista
MBE/WBE/SBE Owned and Operated


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We Know Truly Great Coffee!

RoBeans is a full-service mobile espresso bar & coffee company based in Asbury Park, NJ.


Owner Robin Elliott-Preston took her decades worth of passion, love, and knowledge of coffee and brewed up a business where she could share that with the world. 

At Home or Your Next Event 

RoBeans is perfect for your coffee experiences at home, on the go, or at your next event.

We have perfected our grinds so that they can smoothly transition from a pour-over brew to automatic drip, to espresso - it can even be used in your Keurig! No matter how you prefer your at-home coffee brewing technique, we've got you covered.

But why stop there? RoBeans' mobile barista service is ready to serve you at your next event. Our Coffee Bus and Barista catering service are ready to provide you and your guests top-notch service and delicious beverages at corporate events, retreats, weddings, celebrations, and countless other gatherings.


Brew memories, one cup at a time - You event's perfect finale!

Check out our appearance in the video below produced by Asbury Park TV.

Small Batch Roasting

We are proudly a "Small Batch Roaster" (also known as Micro-Roaster), with every batch roasted to order to ensure the freshest, most delicious cup of coffee every time. We roast 100% Arabica coffee.

Unlike larger roasters, we never use preservatives or nitrogen to extend shelf life. This process robs coffee of flavor and is known to cause gastrointestinal issues.

With every roast we are able to monitor quality and selection, ensuring clean, distinguishable flavor in every cup. 

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